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I'm a Full-Time Part-Timer



Life coach Gladeana McMahon has a real challenge on her hands when she comes to the aid of teacher Nicola McGee, who spends 45 hours a week on her part-time job.

Nicola is a part-time RE teacher at Beacon Hill School in Blackpool, where she works just three days per week. On these days she is notorious for being the first person into school and the last one to leave.

When Nicola says goodbye to her colleagues on a Friday and says, "see you Tuesday", they regularly laugh as they know she will inevitably come in a day early to plan her lessons.

Nicola spends Thursdays as an early years play worker at her daughter's primary school. After Gladeana asks her to total all her realistic weekly working hours, she finds she is working a 52 hour week.

It's no surprise that Nicola feels exhausted, is accident prone and in danger of burn out. Her ambition and perfectionism are her downfall; will she take Gladeana's advice on board and regain a work/life balance?

Published : Nov 2007

15 mins


Ease the Load


Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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