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Tracey Hemming



Jo Owen visits Tracey Hemming, an experienced deputy headteacher, to find out if she has the skills and the motivation to take on headship.

Tracey is capable and committed to her school - The Knights Templar School in Hertfordshire - but has not decided whether to remain in her comfort zone as deputy, or whether to apply for headship posts at other schools.

To help her decide, Jo sends Tracey to spend a day with an inspirational leader outside the education sector. Janette Faherty is the CEO of Avanta, one of the UK's leading private sector employment-focused training and enterprise companies.

Will a day spent with Janette prompt Tracey to reconsider her journey to headship? To find out, Tracey sits before a carefully selected panel of education experts chosen from governing bodies, industry recruitment and outstanding schools.

After cross-examination, the panel will decide if Tracey has the skill as well as the will to make it.

Published : Nov 2007

15 mins


So You Want to be a Head


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Secondary Teacher

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