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The Staff



Follow Gary Lewis, headteacher at Kings Langley School in Hertfordshire, as he demonstrates strategies for retaining and recruiting excellent staff.

At Kings Langley, a mixed comprehensive school, spring term is peak time for recruiting new staff that will be essential to the school's ongoing success.

Gary knows he has a number of important posts to fill but is dismayed to discover that an outstanding young technology teacher is considering moving on. Gary offers him an enhanced package and waits to hear the teacher's decision.

Meanwhile, several measures aimed at retaining staff are implemented, including subsidising services to improve teachers' working lives.

As term continues Gary goes ahead with carefully designed advertisements in the TES for the vacant posts. He plans interview days, where candidates are required to teach a lesson before a formal interview. Will Gary manage to appoint staff of the calibre he's expecting?

Published : Nov 2007

15 mins


Head for Success


Secondary Headteacher


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