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Waiting for Ofsted



Follow the headteacher of Kings Langley School during the spring term as he waits for an Ofsted inspection and prepares a bid for specialist arts status.

Gary Lewis, headteacher of Kings Langley, in Hertfordshire, is facing several major challenges. He is expecting an Ofsted inspection at any time, Healthy Schools accreditation is due and he is leading the bid to gain specialist arts status for the school.

The specialist bid takes up a huge amount of Gary's time in particular, taking up his weekends and early mornings as he and his chair of governors attend a networking breakfast event to make links with local businesses.

The Healthy Schools assessor arrives for a busy day at the school, starting with an assembly about stress given by Gary and culminating in her decision about whether or not to accredit the school.

Hanging over everything at the school is the question over just when the call from Ofsted will come.

Published : Nov 2007

15 mins


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