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Am I Stressed?



Follow the headteacher of Kings Langley School during his fifth spring term, in which he takes stock and recognises the pressures placed on his role.

The wife and children of Gary Lewis, of Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, are well aware of the pressures he faces as headteacher. Gary feels that he's coping well with the stresses and strains five years into the job, and anticipates a spring term with the usual highs and lows.

The term turns out to be more momentous for him than he'd thought. There are unexpected problems to deal with, tricky decisions to make, and a mountain of paperwork and long hours.

However, it's an assembly he prepares about stress for his Year 11s facing GCSEs which triggers a watershed moment.

Published : Nov 2007

15 mins


Head for Success


Secondary Headteacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personal wellbeing


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