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Alternative Career Routes



Find out about alternative career routes in the teaching profession as a number of teachers looking to progress in their careers discuss the schemes available.

Jess Dix, a bright and articulate student at Warwick University, has just signed up for the Teach First scheme. What is the process of enrolment and has she chosen the right path? Gemma Edgcombe, a second year teacher on the scheme sheds some light on Jess' journey ahead.

In the studio, presenter Peter Curran discusses development schemes with Martin Johnson, head of education policy and research at ATL, and Sir Iain Hall, training director for Future Leaders.

We also meet Joanne Dunphy, a teacher at a London secondary school who has joined the Future Leaders scheme. Find out how the scheme works and see the arrival of her mentor, Sir Keith Ajegbo, as they discuss the direction of her career. How does Sir Keith think Jo is getting on, and what will she gain from their meeting?


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