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Career Refreshment



Explore a number of different career refreshment opportunities as three teachers discuss the breaks they took from their day-to-day roles.

Richard Rowe, head of Holy Trinity Primary School, has a strong policy of allowing his staff to take sabbaticals. One such member is Tony Boyle who had Richard's full support when he went sailing across the Atlantic. Take a look at footage of Tony's exciting journey.

Jos Colvin, of Blisworth Primary School, thought that she might be too mature to get the career break she really needed so was overjoyed to be given an opportunity by the Goldsmiths Mid Career Refreshment fund. She spent her break galloping around Australia, pursuing her interest in riding for the disabled.

Anita Maguire has taken a break from being an assistant head, to assist the government on the new hot topic of healthy eating in schools. She is now on secondment at the Schools Food Trust.

Published : Jan 2008

15 mins


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