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Making Great Progress at KS2



A look at the outstanding progress of William Ford Junior School in east London, where over 90 per cent of pupils progressed from Level 2 at KS1 to Level 4 at KS2.

Schools that have managed to achieve this sort of progress for their students have recently been investigated by the DCSF in order to help others strengthen their pupils' progression.

William Ford Junior School has created a culture of achievement to inspire its pupils to success, with lessons designed to be interactive and well signposted. The success is also put down to placing a greater emphasis on literacy and vehemently tracking pupil progress.

This programme is particularly useful in explaining and promoting "stickman" analysis and linking periodic sub-level assessment with tracking, target setting, planning for progression and intervention.

Update: Viewers should note that this programme predates the launch of the Assessment for Learning Strategy and the subsequent Assessing Pupils Progress materials that are now available to support this approach.

Published : Jan 2008

15 mins


Portraits of Progress


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