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Assessment For Learning in KS3/4 Science - Anita and Biology



Biology teacher Anita Kapila, a former bio-medical researcher, demonstrates her Assessment for Learning strategy, The Level Ladder.

With 15 years of bio-medical research behind her, Anita loves to regale her class with tales of her former career. Stories about harvesting cells from pieces of human umbilical cord and placenta fascinate them all.

But at Burnham Upper School, where Anita teaches, they have an additional way of engaging students. Their AfL strategy ensures that students are always inspired to raise their attainment.

The school's tailored assessment model - The Level Ladder - allows children to not only know what level they're at but gives them a guide as to how they can improve their grades and make progress. The result is an enthusiastic class continually striving to further their knowledge of biology.

Published : Mar 2008

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science

Whole School Issues

Secondary Assessment

Assessment for Learning


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