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John Humphrys



Top public figures may get a run for their money facing off with John Humphrys, but what's the result when he takes on a secondary school English class?

Humphrys, the scourge of politicians on the Today programme, confesses to feeling terrified at the prospect of teaching a grammar class to GCSE pupils at Eastlea Community School.

Phil Beadle, The Guardian's Teacher of the Year, offers help with his teaching plan and offers advice on how to control and inspire a class.

This programme captures an extraordinary culture clash which overturns many prejudices about "bog standard comprehensives" and the nature of teaching.

How did John fare?


"I hope that I will survive the experience. I've done training things, but this is different ... by golly is it different!"

"Am I mad to be doing this? I'm slightly nervous - Indeed, I'm terrified!"


"It went disastrously, absolutely disastrously. I went in there and there were messages I meant to impart and simply didn't"

"Boy, teachers earn their money, no argument about that!"

Published : Mar 2005

30 mins


The Teaching Challenge


Secondary Teacher


Secondary English


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