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Carole Caplin



In an emotional and inspiring exercise, lifestyle guru Carole Caplin teaches a class of Key Stage 3 food technology pupils at the King John School in Benfleet, Essex.

Carole's challenge is to teach a lesson about nutrition and the choices and consequences of eating and exercise habits. She discusses healthy ingredients for snack foods and attempts to illustrate an alternative physical exercise programme.

The difficulty of communicating with teenagers is vividly illustrated as Carole tries every trick in the book to get her pupils to pay attention.

At times, her teaching challenge is an uphill struggle, but she's finally rewarded with a lively and engaged class. There is superb commentary from teacher trainer Carole Woodhouse and a frank discussion about the techniques involved in successful teaching.

How did Carole fare?


"I think the thing that I'm most nervous about in teaching the kids today is either boring them to death or just not getting a response from them"

"I am really nervous now. The worst thing I can do is fall flat on my face"


"That was a very humbling experience. I was the one that was having the lesson, not them"

"With adults you've got life experience - with kids you've got a fresh piece of paper"

Published : May 2005

30 mins


The Teaching Challenge


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Design and Technology



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