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KS2 Maths - Geometry



At Scotts Primary in Hornchurch, Havering, Gary Clapperton is revising the geometry of two dimensional shapes with his Year 6 class.

He is using digital photographs of the local area that the children have taken. These have been saved on his interactive whiteboard which is used extensively.

Gary is making a distinction between explicit shapes, those that can be clearly identified and drawn onto the photographs (the "real life story") and implicit shapes, those that can be found by mathematical abstraction (the "maths story"). The children draw round the explicit shapes on their own photographs. Some demonstrate to the class on the interactive whiteboard, which promotes class discussion to identify parallelograms and isosceles triangles.

The properties of rectangles are revised, relating them to the ratio of the length of the sides. Gary revises the properties of triangles using ones children have found in their photographs during group work.

Published : Sep 2005

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths

Shape, space & measures


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