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KS2 Maths - Geometry: Lesson Review



Petula Allen, headteacher and former mathematics adviser, helps Gary Clapperton review his lesson on Geometry with Year 6. Petula had some reservations about the use of pupil photographs where perspective may have caused some problems, but has been impressed at the children's positive response to images they have taken themselves.

Petula reflects on how useful the whiteboard is and they look in detail at how it enhanced Gary's explanation of ratio. The way that the shapes can be moved and re-sized in proportion was found by both to be an especially effective use of ICT. The whiteboard was a powerful motivational tool, the children wanted to come to demonstrate to the whole class.

They discuss the common difficulty of getting children to estimate angles accurately. Some of the "real life" shapes had the disadvantage that they did not give clear delineation.

Published : Sep 2005

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths

Shape, space & measures


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