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KS1 Science - Light: Lesson Review



Jane Turner, deputy director of the Science Learning Centre, (east of England), and Helen Ackerman, an NQT, review a science lesson Helen teaches to her Year 1 class on light.

Helen is not a science specialist. So, they discuss the use of a story as a focus for the lesson. Jane picks up on the children's difficulty in understanding key scientific vocabulary.

They discuss a class investigation involving a dark cave and how the children's predictions are based on their existing knowledge. They both feel a discussion about light sources was inappropriate. The cave investigation is led by the TA. We see children working with a light box and story box.

Jane acknowledges that Helen is incorporating play-based learning in her lesson through KS1. We see a couple of children in the plenary getting a bit confused with results. Jane suggests that these are recorded immediately and goes onto discuss alternative methods of recording. Where to next? A series of ideas are generated, and Helen discusses her low and high points.

Published : Jun 2005

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Science



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