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Coaching in Schools



See different coaching situations in action, with this whole-school, CPD-in-school video for primary and secondary teaching staff.

The video begins on day one of a three-day training session, with trainer Mike Hughes introducing the principles of coaching.

Mike demonstrates one of the most commonly used methodologies in coaching and mentoring - the GROW model. This focuses on goal setting, helping to identify issues, where the teacher would like to be and how they are going to get there.

Mike makes it clear that one of the great strengths of a coaching relationship is that it enables the teacher to take control of their own development and to be in charge of identifying the issues they want to explore.

The video also eavesdrops on a real coaching session at Wymondham School, Suffolk, which has introduced coaching as a whole-school approach.

Also see a reconstructed case study about how a new headteacher used one-to-one coaching with experienced coach Graham Powell to change the dynamics of her senior management team and improve her personal wellbeing.


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