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KS1/2 Maths - Learning Maths with Kyane



Follow the progress of Year 4 pupil Kyane as he learns about 3D shapes. What does his behaviour tell us about what it's like to learn from his unique perspective?

Kyane, a pupil at Erdington Hall Primary near Birmingham, is regularly absent from school due to asthma. As a result he is often behind with school work and not socially integrated in his class.

In an effort to deal with these problems, Kyane has been provided with an individual education plan and an individual behaviour plan. He also receives a good deal of attention in the classroom from his dedicated teacher Harriet and teaching assistant Julie.

Watch as Kyane and his class begin their numeracy lesson by warming up with "brain gym". They then take part in a mental maths exercise, drawing 3D shapes and identifying polygons, before eventually constructing their own 3D shapes from nests.

It's a challenge to keep Kyane focused on the task but he demonstrates an understanding of what polygons are and displays creativity in constructing them, even if he does get angry and frustrated in the process.

Published : Mar 2008

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Maths

Shape, space & measures

Whole School Issues

Primary Personalised Learning


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