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Implementing Personalised Learning: Teaching and Learning



For Martin Tune, headteacher at Bonner Primary in East London, it is an ongoing challenge to find strategies to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

One of these is to work with high expectations and encourage pupils to do their best. Part of this strategy is to give immediate feedback on what the pupils have achieved and what they could do better. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their learning and be active participants.

Eleanor Ross, the Key Stage 2 co-ordinator, stresses the importance of setting out clearly "the learning intention" of each lesson. For Martin Tune, knowing what you want to achieve is essential, while the way you teach and the style you adopt varies with the children you are working with. Some enjoy the school's "timestable challenge" and find it a fun way to learn. Others pupils who have made progress in literacy admit to being less scared and believe they can actually learn. Every child can also choose how they extend their learning.

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Published : Aug 2005

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