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What are the benefits, opportunities and pitfalls of the digital explosion for education, and how does media literacy fit in?

Ofcom define media literacy as "the ability to access, understand and create communication in a variety of contexts", but what does this really mean?

In this programme, a group of educationalists and agenda-setters analyse some of the current thinking about media literacy in a round table discussion.

Robin Blake, head of media literacy at Ofcom; Cary Bazalgette, media literacy consultant; Sonia Livingstone, professor of social psychology at LSE; Adrian Hall, director of mobile learning, Steljes; and David Hassell, director of learning, teaching and inclusion at Becta, make the case for media literacy as a vital knowledge-age skill.

Discover how teachers can harness this digital aptitude for learning, what a media strategy should look like, and the benefits it brings.


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