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Fit to Teach: D-Stressing



This programme provides much needed stress and time management tips for two primary NQTs, Ross Higgins and Irene Lindsay.

Both NQTs have different problem areas:

  • Ross often leaves school to play football, before all his planning is done. There are not enough hours in the day for his life and his work
  • Irene has come to teaching later in life. Despite the distractions of family life, she is finding it difficult to switch off at night from all the planning and marking for her Year 6 class

The programme's stress management expert, Vanessa Bolton, offers various relaxation techniques to help Irene unwind. Time management expert, John Mwale, suggests some planning strategies for Ross to get the balance back into his life.

Will Irene and Ross find the advice useful?

Published : Sep 2005

15 mins


Primary NQTs


Primary NQT

Whole School Issues

Primary Personal wellbeing


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