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KS4 History - Expert Analysis



In Expert Analysis, renowned history experts Christine Counsell, Ros Ashby, Tristram Hunt, Ben Walsh and Jonathan Howson talk about issues of teaching history raised in the previous programme.

  • First, the panel discuss the general approach: how Jonathan treated pupils by getting them to take the material seriously and having high expectations of them. They talk about the need for passion and authority to engage pupils
  • Next, they look at critical thinking methodology: how Jonathan uses framing questions and how he engages with the non-compulsory aspects of the curriculum
  • They then discuss some of the dilemmas facing teachers, including choices about what to omit, how to challenge pupils, long-term planning for differentiation and departing from plans
  • Finally, they turn to learning, reflecting on aspects of the lesson that impressed them: inclusion, critical understanding, working with rough sources and the intellectual rigour of the teacher

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