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KS3/4 RE - Christian Ethics: Attitudes to Other Faiths



Mulberry School for Girls is a large inner-city non-faith school whose intake is largely Bengali Muslim. The GCSE long and short course results in RE are well above the national average.

Anne Fayter is one of the joint heads of department and in Christian Ethics: Attitudes to Other Faiths, she uses a dynamic and strongly visual learning technique to develop understanding of a range of Christian perspectives regarding attitudes to other faiths.

The lesson activity runs as follows:

  • Working in groups, the KS4 students are given a Christian definition of inclusivism, exclusivism or pluralism
  • Each group converts the text into a simple diagram
  • Changing into different groups, the students use their diagrams to explain the different perspectives
  • By the end of the class, every student should have a good understanding of all three stand points and most will recognise the religious and philosophical reasons that underlie these perspectives
  • Students will also have three simple diagrams in their books providing an efficient GCSE revision tool

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