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KS3 Art - Contemporary Art



This programme focuses on contemporary art.

It is argued that traditional art teaching can create a barrier for those who fear they cannot draw. To overcome this, Henry Ward, head of the faculty of media and visual arts at Welling Specialist Art School, has adopted a contemporary approach and teaches photography as a way into composition and art appreciation.

This programme follows a Year 8 classroom project five weeks in. Henry uses film genre photographs to inspire his class to create their own ideas and compositions. Paul Dash, lecturer in education at Goldsmiths College, comments on this and outlines the positive effect contemporary approaches to art can have on students.

The programme follows the four stages of the project:

  • Deconstruction of Cindy Sherman's photographs
  • Ideas forming and sketches
  • Composition and directing
  • Computer manipulation of the images

Published : Nov 2005

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Art and Design


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