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Friendly But Firm



In this pedagogy resource a newly qualified teacher (NQT) is settling in well, but does have a problem. He's very confident in practical physical education (PE), but in theory lessons he has trouble asserting himself.

When he tells behaviour expert John Bayley that he never likes to be seen as "the bad guy", John says he may have a practical solution, as shown in this classroom-management video.

John observes Steve Davies' Year 10 class and discovers Steve has an excellent rapport with his students but is reluctant to push an instruction when it isn't obeyed. Consequently Steve's confidence is diminishing and he isn't getting the best from his Key Stage 4 class at Chiswick Community School.

The following day Steve teaches Year 10 again, and this time applies John's advice. He's becoming a different teacher as newly gained self-confidence produces a "95 per cent lesson", according to John, with students bringing together practical and theoretical PE in a thrilling conclusion.


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