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Getting There



We follow two Primary NQTs, Sandra Abdulai-Saani and David Freeborn, as they refine their skills in all aspects of their teaching, from behaviour management to PE, as well as focusing on their specific assessment targets.

The programme provides insight into the typical problems that most NQTs experience. Induction expert Sara Bubb advises on situations to expect and how to get through the year successfully.

David has had one year's teacher training experience with his PGCE and Sandra has had three years with her BEd. Both have chosen to work in South London primary schools.

With the stress of the second term assessment behind them, Sandra and David focus on personal targets. For Sandra, this means ensuring she always has a plenary and for David, this means following every lesson with a self-assessment task for the children.

Will Sandra and David's continued efforts be enough to pass their first year's teaching?

Published : Sep 2005

15 mins


Primary NQTs


Primary NQT


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