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Attendance and Punctuality: Carrots and Sticks



When Jill Hislop arrived at Haywood school in Nottingham as the new headteacher, attendance and punctuality were poor and many children felt school was not for them. Today, thanks to an American programme called Consistency Management and Co-operative Discipline (CMCS) the school has one of the fastest rates of improvement in the country.

This turn around has taken three years and involved changing the whole school ethos with CMCS. A whole school approach to attendance and punctuality is now in place with careful use of carrots and sticks.

In this programme Jill Hislop explains the system and the need to create a positive environment to attract and engage pupils.

Electronic registration, first day calling to parents and a "late gate" have all made a substantial difference.

Furthermore, an improved curriculum has helped engage less academic pupils and a system of reward cards has proved popular.

However, despite the improvement, Jill Hislop is constantly on the alert and aware that there is still a lot more to do.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins

Whole School Issues

Secondary Behaviour



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