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Attendance and Punctuality: Rewarding Attendance



The Karrot Rewards scheme was set up in 2001 after a police report said that truanting kids in Southwark, London felt bored, unappreciated and saw school as irrelevant.

The Karrot scheme is funded by the police and Southwark Council, and it distributes rewards for good attendance to the local secondary schools.

In this programme Lisa Cole, the scheme's manager, explains how it works and why they are trying to reach a wider range of pupils by awarding improved attendance and good citizenship.

Karrot also runs an internet bus. This visits deprived pockets of Southwark each night to get young people interested in education and help improve police relationships in the community.

The deputy head of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic School, Sergei Cefai, also talks about the success of the rewards scheme and plays host to their end-of-term awards ceremony.

Pupils get the opportunity to give their views during the programme and Lisa raises the issue of getting all her schools to follow the scheme consistently.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins


Secondary Headteacher

Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Behaviour



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