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KS3/4 Design and Technology - Group Work in Design and Technology 1



This programme focuses on the use of group work in the classroom. It examines this technique as a useful means of encouraging creativity, sharing ideas and collaboration.

Group Work in D&T 1 is based on the experiences of four teachers from Queens Park Community School in north London, a typical inner-city comprehensive.

The examples of group work we see in this programme include:

  • Head of textiles, Sarah Philips working with small groups to design for disability, evaluating needs and existing products
  • Jayne Downs using "snowballing" in Year 7 food, arranging children into ever-expanding groups to evaluate fruit drinks
  • Head of department Aubrey Muchamore, beginning work on an A6 paper dispenser with groups evaluating existing work
  • Srdjan Vasic using groups with Year 9 to build a load-bearing bridge from plastic straws and masking tape

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