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Halima Hussain



Primary teacher Halima Hussain's teaching is rated as good, but can she apply expert advice and become outstanding in just three weeks? Find out in this pedagogy and professional development resource.

Top school inspector Clare Gillies assesses Halima's Year 4 lesson on human growth and bone size, with key areas for improvement being Halima's time management and explanation of context. Halima also receives CPD advice from voice and communications coach Ulrika Schulte-Baukloh and primary science expert John Stringer.

John feels Halima could present data with more relevance and use her education assistant more effectively. Ulrika works with Halima to combine more expansive gestures with clear verbal instructions.

She then has just three weeks back in the classroom at Brampton Primary School in east London, to turn their advice into action before Clare returns to observe a second lesson and deliver her final verdict. Will Halima meet the challenge?

Published : Apr 2008

30 mins


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