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Bristol Schools - Fighting Back



Bristol's secondary schools are 148th out of 149 English local authorities for Year 11. See why schools in this affluent city are performing so badly, and how the LEA is working with Bristol's schools to turn things around.

This video looks at the impact of high levels of absence on standards and the way poor attainment is related to difficulties in recruiting good staff.

"Bad schools, bad teachers, bad students" was the damning verdict on Bristol schools by a local newspaper. This performance-management video for primary and secondary headteachers assesses the problems in one of the country's biggest and wealthiest cities.

Analysing Bristol's poor performance is John Matthews, headteacher of Brislington Enterprise College. John and his colleagues outline plans to: improve the condition of buildings, recruit and retain better teachers and implement innovative schemes to improve teaching skills.

The video also looks into the performance of primary schools and how Brislington is engaged in new measures to attract parents and pupils.

Published : Jun 2005

30 mins


School Matters


Primary Headteacher

Secondary Headteacher


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