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Sporting Heroes (Special Schools)



This programme explores teaching media studies and filmmaking to children with varying levels of learning ability.

The pupils at Frank Wise Special Needs School worked together to make a film called Sporting Heroes, based on the achievements of famous sportsmen. Teachers and filmmakers united to help the children to get involved in all aspects of the production process. For example, the children acted out famous events, such as Frankie Dettori's winning race.

In the post-production phase, experts help the pupils get to grips with editing software and encourage them to make their own cutting decisions. Teachers and experts explain why it is important for children in special needs to be challenged and included in activities that they may never have had the chance to participate in.

The film was screened at the Odeon in Banbury, where the children could dress like film stars for the night and watch the premiere with friends and parents.

This programme shows:

  • How to get special needs pupils involved in media studies
  • That challenging special needs students in new ways is very important

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