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Attainment and Inclusion: Lessons Learnt



This programme explores some of the ways headteacher Maggie Buttress and her team have turned Highlands Primary School in Redbridge around.

We talk to teachers and support staff about how they put theory into practice and explore how the changes have benefited the children in their classes.

Says Buttress: "There was a growing culture of 'not doing' things, of put downs from other children and of not contributing in class. We've turned that around, telling them to have a go, creating a more open and supportive culture, trying to include everyone and teaching them 'we can if...'"

These changes have been a big shift for the school. For them to succeed, it has meant getting all the teachers, TAs, parents and children to embrace the new school ethos. They explain how the changes have affected them and pass on their advice to others.

Published : Jun 2005

15 mins


Primary Management


Primary Headteacher

Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Inclusion


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