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Seven Mills Primary School in east London is on a mission to bring the history of London's financial district to life and has undertaken a challenge to put together a film telling the story of the people of the Isle of Dogs.

Most people are unaware that nestled in amongst the impressive buildings of the city, lies a community that has been there for generations, depending on the docks and the river for their livelihoods.

In 1986 the Island History Trust was set up, and now this hidden gem of an archive has 5,000 photographs documenting the changing face of the docklands and its people.

Teacher Mike Grocott has been at Seven Mills for 25 years. A keen amateur filmmaker, he has captured many of the key events in the school's history.

This time he is teaming up with colleagues Anthony and Ashley, and six pupils in their final year at the school. They have two weeks to put together a film for a special screening for the whole community.


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