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Making a Drama



At Stratford Girls Grammar School, two groups of Year 12 drama students are approaching their end of year show in rather different ways. Teacher Sara Coyle has captured the process on video and shows us a glimpse of the end results.

One group is devising a piece with a self-appointed director, the other is taking on an unmediated approach but has a script to work from. Watch as both groups work on their performances, and see the culmination of the projects on stage at the RSC Courtyard Theatre.

Once her video has been shown, Sara discusses what she has captured with consultant Adrienne Jones and headteacher Kate Barnett. Amongst other things, they talk about how video can reveal the learning process and aid assessment.

Shooting and editing video is a new skill that Sara believes will help to develop her students' critical and observational skills. These skills are vital in drama but it have relevance across the curriculum, where a deeper understanding of the learning process helps with gifted and talented pupils.


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