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Laptop Library



Find out about the Laptop Library project, a simple and innovative scheme that puts parents in touch with their child's learning.

Parents of pupils are loaned IT equipment, namely laptops, and must attend an associated six-week course at their children's school. Subjects studied range from desktop publishing and internet use to film making and animation.

This programme shows how Laptop Library is making huge inroads into bridging the digital divide between learning in the classroom and learning in the family home, where learning should also be fostered and cultivated.

Find out how the project has had a positive impact on students - particularly those vulnerable to falling out of the education system - by inspiring them in their studies. It also enables parents to gain confidence with technology, and take a real and tangible interest in their child's education.

Laptop Library projects are run by Lambeth City Training in primary and secondary schools, funded via Adult Learning, and are available to all schools.


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