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Whitefriars First and Middle School in north London delivers professional development to teachers in Uganda through teacher exchanges, with the benefits being apparent at both schools.

Headteacher Lynne Pritchard has been instrumental in setting up the initiative, with the video shot on location in Uganda demonstrating how the project is affecting teaching practice in Masindi and how the UK teachers have also gained from their experience as teacher trainers.

In the discussion that follows, consultant Adrienne Jones is joined by Lynne, teacher-trainer Helen Davies, co-founder of the project, Ronnie Katzler and a visiting teacher from Uganda, Isaac Kizito.

Discover the issues facing UK teachers supporting colleagues in a rural Ugandan school, how the Ugandan teachers see the project and what impact is it having, and how making a video changes the way they perceive children?s reactions and the attitudes of teachers.

Published : May 2008

15 mins


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