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Primary History: Victorians



In this edition we look at three resources designed to help teach primary pupils about the Victorians.

Expert Anna Warne, teacher and assessment co-ordinator, recommends:

  • Situations Vacant - a day of role-play at Preston Manor
  • Street Child - a fictional book by Berlie Doherty about life for a child in the 1860s
  • Primary History: The Children in Victorian Britain - DVD Plus Pack

Our roving reporter, Matthew Tosh, heads out to see a couple of the resources in action while Anna and presenter Hermione Cockburn discuss the resources in the studio with panellists Fiona MacCorquodale, assistant head at St Luke's CE Primary School in London, and Peter Taylor, headteacher at Worth Primary School in Cheshire.

Published : May 2008

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary History

Victorian Britain


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