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Committed to Community: Ravensbury



Poverty is not just about lack of money. Lack of stimulation, language, and good diet are equally important. Ravensbury Community School, at the heart of an the East Manchester Action Zone, deals with these issues on a daily basis.

The school works in partnership with the local community for the benefit of their pupils, believing that by engaging parents in education helps to break the poverty cycle.

Headteacher Linda Shaw shares her passion for the job of managing the school and liaising with the community. Her school has become the hub of many community projects and from which the members of staff working on outreach projects operate.

We meet staff members Anne Roberts and Kay Hudson, who have developed their own methods for achieving successful pupil transition into the school, making outreach work count and tapping into local businesses for fundraising.

Members of the Parents Survival Class, an advocacy group, also have their say about the importance of the school in their lives.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins


Primary Management

Whole School Issues

Primary Parents and Community


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