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Committed to Community: Cheetham



Managing the day-to-day events of Cheetham Community School keeps headteacher Paul Barnes on his toes. As he believes that a community school should be the hub of the community it serves, the school has an open door policy.

This means that he and his staff are accessible to anyone at any time. And Paul's commitment to the 100 per cent ethnic composition of the school is such that all the staff are multi-lingual and multi-skilled.

This programme shows how the open door policy extends teaching beyond the classroom and into the community.

As a Muslim himself, Paul's Friday lunchtimes are spent at the local mosque where he translates the sermon into English for members of the congregation who may not speak Urdu.

The school buzzes with parents every day. They may be arriving for English classes or flower arranging or just popping in for a chat.

Serious issues arise too as Paul helps Miriam, who has a child at the school, face the prospect of deportation.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins


Primary Management

Whole School Issues

Primary Parents and Community


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