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KS3 History - Walter Tull - Race, Football and Black Britain 1909



Dan Lyndon's Year 9 class explore racism in both 1909 and the present, using case studies focusing on football to indulge Dan's belief that multi-cultural history should be central to the curriculum.

Firstly the pupils study the case of Walter Tull, a black World War One officer and First Division footballer. Walter was subjected to racial abuse from the crowd at a Spurs versus Bristol City match in 1909, and was withdrawn from the game.

As the lesson looks at continuity and change, the class also look at the friendly football match between Spain and England from 2004, where England's black players were abused with monkey chants from the crowds. The class are given the task of writing a match report on the events of the game, using historical facts.

Published : May 2008

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary History

British history


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