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Creating a Space to Let Off Steam



Some children find it hard to cope with the daily routine at school and need to refine their social skills and their emotional intelligence. Having a space where they can relax or let off steam can help ameliorate conflict in the classroom.

That's one of the outcomes All Change worked towards at St Catherine of Siena School in Birmingham.

In this programme, Project manager John Cregg implements a design by Sjolander da Cruz Architects in Birmingham and builds new storage space with sliding doors. Mirrors are installed, both for students to use to visualise their emotions and to bring the city skyline into the classroom space. A punching bag suspended from the ceiling gives an opportunity for children to release pent-up emotions and to have some fun!

Presenter Sharon Wright visits the Education Show at the NEC and showcases some exciting new products, from stylish ICT solutions to innovative portable lockers for primary pupils.

Published : Jun 2005

30 mins


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