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Personalised Learning and Pupil Data - Primary



This programme looks at the various techniques used to collect pupil data and explores the importance of how staff evaluate and use the data to help pupils on a whole school, class and individual level.

At Hexthorpe Primary School in Doncaster, pupil data is seen as an essential component of the personalised learning programme.

In the classroom, Year 2 teacher Liz Denton demonstrates how pupils use their targets to self-assess themselves, stressing the importance of this informal data during her lesson planning.

On an individual level, the school stresses the importance of focusing on all levels of ability, especially the gifted and talented.

This is emphasised when Emily, a gifted and talented Year 6 pupil meets with her teacher to discuss her personal targets, which they later share with her mother.

Published : May 2008

15 mins


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Gifted and Talented

Primary Personalised Learning


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