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Personalised Learning and Pupil Data - Secondary



Hemsworth Arts and Community College near Pontefract uses pupil data as the foundation of its personalised learning programme for students.

Maths teacher Kate Roche demonstrates how she uses a traffic light system in the classroom to keep herself and pupils informed of their progress. This formal and informal data is then used to mould her lesson planning.

The schools data manager keeps records constantly updated on the internal computer database. The head of maths and the assistant principal analyse the data to evaluate the Year 11 students, identifying pupils to meet with the headteacher for a pat on the back or for further encouragement.

Integral to the school's personalised learning programme is the involvement of parents, who are invited into school regularly with their children to discuss progress.

Published : May 2008

15 mins


Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personalised Learning


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