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KS3/4 ICT - Online Safety



This programme outlines simple classroom activities to help teachers to take practical steps to keep pupils safe online and to increase awareness of the potential dangers of internet usage.

E-safety consultant Dr Alan Beecham visits Rhodesway Secondary School in Bradford to work with a group of Year 9 students. Humanities teacher Haroon Gardee and Year 7 inclusion manager Max Crowther join Dr Beecham to gauge pupils' reaction to a fictitious profile they created on a social networking site.

Another activity highlights the dangers of sharing too much information, while a further task focuses on security and privacy settings.

At Stocksbridge High School in Sheffield, e-safety officers apply an internet safety policy, run parental awareness evenings, and act as a point of contact for pupils.

Published : Jun 2008

30 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary ICT Curriculum

Whole School Issues

Secondary Media Literacy


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