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Positive Relationships



Get an insight into an inner-city Early Years unit that works hard to form meaningful relationships with children and parents quickly and effectively. Meet two sets of parents in this video for Early Years teachers.

Ebrima and Aeryn are four and five respectively and are at different stages within the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Oakwood Primary in Leeds. Ebrima's mum and Aeryn's dad discuss their perceptions of the setting, revealing whether the initiatives make them feel involved in learning.

Ebrima needs support from key staffmember Angela, having only been away from Mum for a few months, while Aeryn has moved on and demonstrates how positive relationships with a whole range of practitioners support her control of her own learning.

Professor Christine Pascal from the Centre for Research in Early Childhood helps to unpack the EYFS document and relate it to the everyday experiences shown in the video.

Published : Jun 2008

15 mins


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