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In this programme, we look at how newly qualified teachers Clare Hewitt and Tracey Hall approach differentiation for two very different classes.

Dr Julian Stern will be studying their progress. He has been involved in developing training and courses for NQTs for the past 10 years. As head of the centre for educational studies at Hull University he has plenty of experience in the challenges facing our NQTs.

Tracey is teaching science to a Year 7 group, where several of her pupils have special educational needs. We follow Tracey as she plans her lesson to make sure all her pupils can take an active role.

We also follow Clare as she teaches a very mixed-ability GCSE group. The group struggles with speaking French and working well together, but in a class where grades range from A+ to G, how does Clare make sure she caters for all the class?

Published : Jun 2005

15 mins


Secondary NQTs


Secondary NQT

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personalised Learning


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