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Reporting to Parents



In this programme, we see how newly qualified teachers Clare Hewitt and Kenneth Carmichael tackle two very different aspects of the parent/teacher relationship. Dr Julian Stern also offers advice to the NQTs.

Kenneth, now at the start of his second term, faces one of his biggest challenges yet: writing formal reports for his Year 10 groups, at a critical time in their education and his. Kenneth enlists the help of his mentor to ensure he tackles this time-consuming but vital task in the right way.

At Parkside School Clare Hewitt is facing her first parents evening. It's often a daunting date for pupils, but how will Clare cope?

Dr Stern offers tips and advice to our NQTs. He has been involved in the education of new teachers for over 10 years as head of educational studies at Hull University and has written two well-respected books on involving parents.

Published : Jun 2005

15 mins


Secondary NQTs


Secondary NQT

Whole School Issues

Secondary Parents and Community


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