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KS3 English - Macbeth in the Classroom 2



Macbeth in The Classroom 2 looks at ways of approaching Shakespeare at KS3 from a NQT's perspective. The programme also has some fascinating insights into how an experienced teacher is able to take risks in classroom management and practice.

In this programme, NQTs from the Institute of Education meet lecturer in education John Yandell. Together they watch Macbeth in the Classroom 1 and see Sabrina Broadbent working on Act 3 Scene 1 of Macbeth with a Year 9 group at Hornsey School for Girls, London.

New teachers are often advised to improve their practice by observing more experienced colleagues. The group:

  • Talk about the techniques Sabrina uses to get the children involved in understanding and performing difficult Shakespearean language
  • Reflect on the value of those techniques
  • Ask how easy it might be to duplicate them in their own classes

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