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Underachievement - Who's Responsible?



Headteacher Stephanie Benbow brought St Mary's High School out of Special Measures in 2005, but has felt frustrated by the slow rate of progress since.

She believes there is a lack of aspiration amongst pupils and some staff, and asks Tom Barwood and Heather Flint to offer guidance on how to help the school progress.

Tom believes the school's move to a new site in 2009 could be a catalyst for boosting energy levels and enthusiasm amongst pupils, while Heather focuses on working with the senior staff.

Tom Barwood, a former advertising executive, turned motivational guru and Heather Flint, a government advisor and formerly a successful headteacher, visit schools to tackle educational challenges.

Published : Jun 2008

30 mins


Barwood and Flint Investigate


Secondary Headteacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Performance Management


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