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KS3 Geography for Pupils - Migrant Stories



This programme shows moving stories about refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants. The personal accounts bring these labels to life in the classroom, showing the pupils what it's like to be a foreigner trying to make the best of living your life in another country.

Saranda was 13 when she and her family fled from Kosovo in fear of their lives. They were Albanians and that meant they were no longer welcome in their homeland. She tells us what being a refugee and living in the camps in Macedonia was like and how they ended up in the UK.

In Liverpool, unable to speak English, they became asylum seekers afraid to go back and lived a life in limbo. Six years on she is fluent, well educated and happy, but still wishes she could go back to her real home in Kosovo.

Anne-Marie left the island of Mauritius when she was a teenager to find a bigger and better life in Italy. She got a job, met her husband and had two children but still felt there were no prospects. The family decided to come to the UK where her husband had relatives. So they got in a van and drove to London. In this film she talks about what happened to them.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins


Secondary Pupil


Secondary Geography

Physical and human processes


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