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KS3/4 Dance - Motifs and Development



An in-depth analysis of how one school is working with its GCSE students to develop their performance skills to the levels required.

At Lister School in the London borough of Newham, dance artist Suba Subramaniam introduces head of dance Heather Coke and GCSE dance moderator Kathy Sexton. The group workshop and talk about creating complex motifs and developing them for the choreography component of GCSE dance.

We also see a small group of Year 10 pupils working with Kathy or Heather on their solo and ensemble pieces - Michael, Terry, Jade and Mumona integrate their solo pieces into a group performance for their mock exam.

Later we meet three Year 11 pupils, Kasminder, Joseph and who perform and talk about their GCSE dance pieces. Find out from head of dance Heather Coke and GCSE dance moderator Kathy Sexton how to go about creating complex motifs required for GCSE dance.

Published : Feb 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Physical Education

Dance and gymnastics


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